Spaceport Somewhere


A documentary portrait of three employees at a rocket-launching complex from Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Spaceport Somewhere is a short documentary portrait of workers at a world-class spaceport complex in the unlikeliest of locales: Kodiak Island, Alaska. After a massive explosion risks shutting the spaceport down for good, they must push through the uncertainty of losing their jobs and stay focused on the complex mission of pulling together to launch a new rocket into orbit.

The documentary tells the story of the blue-collar and high technology workers who make space exploration possible. The rockets are the stars of the show and the employees are the supporting cast who make the unreachable a reality. This short gives viewers who love the possibilities of space a license to dream bigger.


Shot over 2 days in June 2017, the "Spaceport Somewhere" was produced by
the team of Brice Habeger, Producer/ Director, and Zak Melms, Director of Photography.
Brice Habeger

Brice Habeger

Director/ Producer

Alaskan, award-winning filmmaker Brice Habeger produces stories with a balance of authenticity and ingenuity. His filmmaking conveys craftsmanship and an understanding of how writing and cinema shapes our beliefs. His work takes him to every corner of Alaska and beyond, working on productions of both large and small-scale. Habeger’s diverse portfolio includes award-winning production for news, non-profits and corporations, in addition to commercials, television series and feature films. His films have appeared in U.S. and international film festivals, including the Northwest Regional Emmy®-nominated documentary Swift Water Place, which aired on PBS stations nationwide.

Zak Melms

Zak Melms


A life-long Alaskan Zak is driven to meet every photographic opportunity with a curiosity and a certainty that each day offers the chance to grow his craft. He possesses the kind of attitude and diverse skill set that are essential to translating abstract creative ideas to concrete artistic reality. Whether flying a drone in the subzero arctic temperatures filming an Inupiat whale hunt, or making the best use of unobtrusive handheld work to find small grace notes amongst school children in a Nepalese village. Zak’s quiet framing creates transcendent, timeless images that augment production value on every project with which he is involved. His work has been featured by outlets including National Geographic, Discovery and the History Channel.


QuickWin and Peak 3 are video production companies based in Anchorage. With a diverse background of clients and subject matter, they specialize in capturing the stories of the Last Frontier and beyond. From productions on the edge of North America, along the Arctic Ocean, to locales like Kodiak that reach the edge of outer space, they are driven to authentically portray the humanity in Alaska and the world beyond.


Grading with interviewed Spaceport Somewhere director, Brice Habeger, on using their LUTS to grade the doc. “ LUTS really do offer a continually evolving package of looks that you can rely on to give your footage a distinct palette. Right of out the box, delivers a polished look.”

Nat Geo’s Short Film Showcase

Spaceport Somewhere picked up by National Geographic: This Is What It’s Like to Be a Space Rocket Launcher in Alaska “The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the world and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic’s belief in the power of science, exploration, […]

Into the News

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